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I am proud to announce the release of my first novella!

Burning Within by Christopher West

There are those who believe some good can come from magic, and those who believe it can bring only evil. Wil is a seeker, a hunter who devotes his life to destroying monsters and protecting humanity from reckless use of magic. Even though working with a spell-caster isn’t what Wil ever expected or wanted, he has no choice but to accept the help of Seth, a skilled magician, on an investigation that just might get them both killed.

A murderer is on the loose, one who targets seekers and magicians alike. Between monstrous demons and compromising encounters, Wil and Seth’s partnership is filled with danger. To catch the killer they’ll have to learn to trust one another and confront the desire burning between them. Playing with it might mean damnation, or it might be salvation for them both.

Do you enjoy a bit of magic in your romance? Rough and tumble men who put their lives on the line and live by a code of honor? How about sex that burns like the blazes of Hell when the friction between two uncompromising men reaches a flashpoint? If that sounds like your kind of book, then Burning Within is for you.

Your copy available today for download at Torquere Press.

Update: *zombie groan*

Stopping by with a quick note.

In case anyone is wondering where I’ve been since my last update a month ago, the majority of that time has been spent at work or asleep. I’ve been seriously stressed out working on my applications for graduate school, and that has caused me to more or less shut down as a result. What writing I’ve managed to fit in hasn’t amounted to much. Still plugging away at it as I can, but expect it to be a little while before I finish something new.

On a more promising note, my new novelette is scheduled for release in February. If you like gritty action, hot men that can’t keep their hands off one another, and a touch of supernatural horror, this is a title you’ll definitely want to pick up.

Until next time.

Update: Busy!

Oh man, this past week has been crazy!

Just a quick update today on what I’m up to. I’ve got a new (longer) short story coming soon. Don’t want to spoil anything just yet, but it’s a hot one! And I’m working on a new story about Erim and Adair from “Fierce Love” — those two just had to have more attention.

That’s all for now!

“Fierce Love” has been reviewed by Queer Magazine Online!

There are certain things we can’t run away from. Grief and love are two of them. No matter how far we go, they remain with us. In this beautifully written love story, Adair tries to run away from his past lover; but such feelings reside in our heart and are an intricate part of us. His present lover, Erim, is wise enough to realize this. He offers love and support while giving Adair the space he needs to come to his own conclusions. Read the full review here.

Now is the perfect time to pick up your copy of “Fierce Love”, part of the 2011 Charity Sip Blitz benefiting the It Gets Better project. Now through Monday, September 26 you can use the coupon code ‘finally2011’ at the Torquere Bookstore to save 15% off your purchase!

I’ve got my profile page up and running on!

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Fierce Love
by Christopher West

In the late 5th century, Erim Owenson and his lover, Adair, are making the journey across South Wales to Adair’s hometown. Erim is meeting Adair’s family for the first time and doing his best to be respectful even though he doesn’t share their religious beliefs. For Adair, returning home to observe the pagan rites of Samhain means he has to face painful memories he has tried to forget, and he’s relying on Erim’s love and support to help him through.

Read a sample.

“Fierce Love” is now available as part of the 2011 Charity Sip Blitz: Getting Better, benefiting the It Gets Better project. You can download your copy in pdf and ebook format from the Torquere Bookstore and Rainbow ebooks.

In 2008, Torquere Press’ fantastic authors decided to support a charity with an annual short story collection called our Charity Sip blitz. In the past three years, we’ve donated more than $13,000.00 to charitable organizations that support GLBT causes.

For 2011, Torquere’s authors have chosen the theme “Getting Better” in honor of the It Gets Better project, which helps LGBT youth understand that life as an openly queer adult is not only possible, but happening for millions of people, worldwide. More than thirty authors have written short fiction pieces and have agreed to donate all proceeds of the sales of these stories to this year’s charitable organization. Torquere Press Inc. will match the authors’ donations completely.

This year, we’re also pleased to announce that our distribution partner, Rainbow eBooks, has agreed to be the title sponsor of our Sip collection, and will be our sole distributor outside of the Torquere Books website. Please support our sponsor by visiting them at

Torquere Press and our authors truly believe we can make a difference by donating to organizations that promote awareness and equality. If you’d like to help, please support the Charity Sip Blitz and enjoy some great romance today!

Available September 17, 2011 at and

As part of the build-up to the the release of Torquere Press’ 2011 Charity Sip Blitz, benefiting the It Gets Better Project, the authors involved in the blitz have agreed to write reviews for one another’s submissions. I’m reviewing “Of Russian Myth and Lore”, a new short story by CB Conwy included in the blitz. Enjoy!

“Of Russian Myth and Lore” by CB Conwy
6800 words. Published by Torquere Press.

“Of Russian Myth and Lore,” the latest short from CB Conwy, follows returning characters Tom and Mischa from Conwy’s praised novel A Russian Bear. Putting their exploration of the BDSM lifestyle on the shelf, the couple take a road trip to the Canadian countryside for a reunion with Mischa’s family — a reunion Mischa is none too pleased to attend.

Having not read the novel these characters originate in, I’m curious about aspects of their relationship, such as Mischa’s penchant for acting like a sulky school boy or Tom’s gentle presence of authority. I suppose it’s more motivation to pick up the novel and see them being better explored. They were nonetheless identifiable and likeable as main characters, and in particular scenes their affection for one another really shines through.

Throughout the story the reader is introduced to members of Mischa’s extended Russian family, and they leave a lasting impression. Uncle Vascha, in particular, exudes a charm that captured me and made me grin. There are little revelations about Mischa’s family history, their escape from Soviet Russia, and bits of the titular Russian folklore, but I was always left wanting to know more.

All together, “Of Russian Myth and Lore” is a sweet and pleasant little story with good humor and lots of warmth. Pick up your copy as part of Torquere Press’ 2011 Charity Sip Blitz, benefiting the It Gets Better Project, available September 17 from the Torquere Bookstore and Rainbow eBooks.

CB Conwy: Doing relatively sane and responsible things during the day, I’m always looking forward to coming home to see what my characters have been up to. It’s only very rarely what I want them to do, but there you go. I have no problems whatsoever reading both Flaubert and smut (although not at the same time), and the only thing I like more than chocolate is a good comfort read.

To me, the best thing about writing is the rush; it’s almost a physical high when you’re writing and it’s going well. As for the worst part: Nobody ever told me that fictional characters do exactly as they please! All that talk about “the author’s intention”? This author is running around, desperately trying to figure out what my heroes want to do and then coaxing everybody into something vaguely resembling a consistent plot. Sigh.

Be sure you check out CB Conwy’s blog to see his review of “Happy Hour” by Bella Leone!

Check out this review for “Swapped” from Brief Encounters!

Quick update!

Popping in to let everyone know that Torquere Press’s second annual Charity Sip Blitz is expected to be published in mid-September! This year’s beneficiary is the It Gets Better Project.

I have a new short story being included in the collection, and am really excited to be helping out such a worthwhile cause. Be on the lookout for the Sip Blitz next month, and spread the word so we can raise as much as possible!